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                      Dongguan Fullbright Industry Co., Ltd.


                      Contact:Sky Wang

                      Add:2nd Xinji Road, Dafen Industrial District,



                      YOUR SITE:HOME > COMPANY

                           Established in 2001,covers an area of 15,000 square meters,Dongguan Fullbright Industry Company ltd.is located in Dongguan “The famous city of Manufacturing “ and the company is now one of the famous medium-sized printing and packaging manufacturer. Our main products are various paper bags ,gift boxes ,color boxes, colorcards etc.With import and export license ,which provide you high-quality one-stop professional packaging services.

                           With years of professional experience and a strong team of more than 300 workers, we provide you efficient ,professional service from design ,sample , production,and packing. To pursue premium products and satisfactory service,the production has installed advanced machines such as Heidelberg 5-color offset printing machine,digital printing machine .In addition, we are well equipped with post-press facilities such as glossy/matte lamination machine,UV varnishing Machine,Water/glossy varnishing machine,calendar varnishing machine, and auto box gluing machine etc.

                           We are working toward our goals“Excellent professional packaging factory”,Fullbright Company are in the pursuit of your satisfaction!

                      公司外景      公司前臺      辦公室