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                      What is the role of gift box?

                      2012/5/23 14:44:37      VIEW NO.:

                      Because the gift box is a functional extension of the social needs of the packaging. So it is not only the role of packaging and to some extent highlights the part of the role of exquisite gift box is and the extent of the increase is proportional to the value of goods, to a certain extent, weakened the value of goods.
                        On the protection of goods and general packaging is almost the same, in order to highlight the value of using more expensive and beautiful lining to protect the goods, such as silk. There is no general circulation in the package so convenient, relatively high value of the gift, the cost of the inevitable flow of spending is high, such as free collision-free deformation. Gift boxes in landscaping products to attract customers is no doubt on the influence of ultra-high.

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