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                      Introduction bag related categories

                      2012/5/21 21:35:14      VIEW NO.:
                      Many varieties of paper bags , paper and diverse variety of materials , styles a lot.
                        Material can be divided into a paper bag : white cardboard paper bags , white paper bags , art paper bags , kraft paper bags , there is a small specialty paper manufacturing .
                        White cardboard : thick white cardboard strong , with high stiffness , bursting strength and smoothness, the paper flat, common thickness is 210-300 grams of white cardboard , with a maximum of 230 white card . Print out a paper bag with white cardboard , full color , paper texture is also very good, is the first choice for your custom .
                        Copperplate paper: coated paper is characterized by a very smooth, high whiteness, smooth and high gloss, also makes printed graphics, screen with three-dimensional sense of common thickness 128 grams -300 grams , copper paper printing effects and white cardboard , like bright full color compared with white cardboard, white cardboard stiffness less .
                      White kraft paper : white kraft bursting high, good toughness , high strength, evenness of color like a stable thickness , in accordance with relevant state regulations restrict the use of supermarket plastic bags, as well as foreign countries, Europe and other countries to promote environmentally friendly paper bag trend , and strictly control the plastic pollution , plastic bags are environmentally friendly alternative to paper bags , white kraft market prospects . 100% pure wood pulp manufacturing , environmental protection, non-toxic, environmentally friendly recycling, white kraft toughness good, but not film , is widely used in the production of environmentally friendly garment bag, upscale shopping bags. Common thickness of 120 grams -200 grams of white kraft paper no brightness and gloss, white kraft paper is not suitable for printing ink too much content.
                        Kraft : also known as brown kraft . With high tension, high toughness, usually brownish yellow , high tear strength, burst and dynamic strength, widely used in shopping bags , envelopes, and so on. Common thickness of 120 grams -300 grams of brown kraft . Kraft is generally suitable for printing monochrome or color , and the color is not complicated manuscript . Relative to the white cardboard, white paper box coated paper, kraft paper yellow lowest price .
                        Duplex board paper: white paper is a positive and smooth white back duplex cardboard mostly commonly used thickness is 250 grams -350 grams , white paper side is white , one side is gray, the price is relatively cheap white paper jams point .
                      Black cardboard : as a specialty paper , double-sided black . Black cardboard paper features a delicate , through the heart of black, thick, strong , good folding , smooth surface , good stiffness , tension and good resistance to high breaking and so on. Common thickness of 120 grams -350 grams of black cardboard . Because black cardboard inside and outside are black , so you can not print in color pattern , only suitable for bronzing, hot silver craft . Made out of the bag is also very beautiful oh.
                        In accordance with the bag side , bottom and back cover in different ways : there are openings on the end of the bag , the opening angle of the bottom adhesive bags, valve suture bags, side -valve flat hexagonal bottom paper bag adhesive bags and other four types .
                        Paper bag handle and digging holes in accordance with the different ways : NKK ( Punch wearing rope ), NAK ( no holes rope, and standards into no mouth off mouth off type ), DCK ( cordless body bags to dig holes handle ), BBK ( there are no oral tongue piercing ) .
                        Bags according to different uses : Includes portfolio , envelopes , bags, cement bags, feed bags, wax paper bags , fertilizer bags, laminated paper bags , four bags, medicine bag , garment bags, food bags , shopping bags , gift bags, wine bags. Different uses , the design specifications of size, including the thickness of the paper bags have a lot of requirements, so be customized according to the actual situation , to be more effective, economical purposes, as less material -saving , environmental protection , corporate capital investment, providing more protection.


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