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                      Box production process

                      2012/5/23 14:45:22      VIEW NO.:

                      1, the design
                      Folding design at this stage is dominated by your designers and printers to coordinate with the completion of the first by your own requirements in accordance with the advertising company, or their own internal design staff、good packaging and printing design documents and packaging materials simultaneously selected .
                      2、a film
                      We will be printing design documents transmitted by our printing and film companies to film .
                      After we got the film printing、according to the size of film、paper thickness, printing color printing determined .
                      4、and along pit production Die
                      Die need to follow the production of semi-finished print out the template and to determine a good knife mold determines the appearance of the shape box、mounted on the main application pit pit box、choose according to your requirements Hang paper glued together with a special mechanical .
                      5、prints look deal
                      The appearance of the surface treatment mainly for landscaping、there are film、bronzing、UV, oil polished and so on.
                      Use of machinery, die cutter . Make box cutting, forming the basic style box .
                      7、sticky boxes
                      The box is designed in accordance with the model or style of the box to connect the site to be fixed up with glue .
                      Through the above process、a box produced.

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