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                      Bag of environmental philosophy

                      2012/5/21 21:34:48      VIEW NO.:
                             Bag of raw materials is well known, the paper is a resource recycling recyclable. The main raw material for papermaking plant fiber material contains , in addition to cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin three main components , there are lesser amounts of other components , such as a resin , ash and the like. There is also an auxiliary component such as sodium . In addition to the paper plant fiber , also need to add a different fillers according to different media. Commonly used plastic materials made of polyethylene used is oil , and the oil is already our energy shortage . In contrast, the production of raw materials is a paper bag trees are a renewable resource . Inherently biodegradable , recyclable natural features labeled green label .
                        Not all bags are capable of degrading , and some bags embossed with plastic film, if the film material is PVC not only be harmful to human health but also affect the normal decomposition of paper material portion. Another paper production is still using wood -based materials, excess production of paper bags, resulting in a large number of trees felled , it will also damage the environment. Immature papermaking technology, the production process to produce large amounts of waste gas treatment equipment behind if untreated can lead to treatment or is not completely on emissions can still pollute the environment.

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