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                      Clothing label design and meaning

                      2012/5/21 21:35:41      VIEW NO.:
                      Clothing label design and printing are often very beautiful , but also very broad connotation . Although each garment enterprises distinctive tag , but mostly on the tag printed with name, address , phone , zip code, logos, etc. . Some companies , but also printed on the company's properties ( such as joint ventures, wholly-owned , etc. ) ; There is simply put a small clothing manufacturers clothing label , regarded as a microfilm of " advertising ", the supermodel beauties dressed in their products photos printed on the top , giving a more intuitive feel , so that consumers of their products are more impressed , played a very good promotional effect. Some manufacturers also , to thank consumers to buy their products , but also thanks to the tag often printed wished discourse , giving intimacy ; some tag is more like a " product manual, not only because of the above printed product is what fabrics to use , and how its performance, even the water , washing and washing clothes . what type of cleaning agents and how to care must be printed on the label, visible to consumers is very responsible vendor the .
                        In addition , with the growing prosperity of the apparel market , competition is bound to become more intense , and some brand-name manufacturers, in order to protect their products from counterfeit and shoddy products , have spared no expense to use a variety of holographic security tag and barcode . This is both to protect their own interests, but also safeguard the interests of consumers . Clothing tag is small, but it is the fashion itself as a link between the consumer connection . It is the inevitable product of modern fashion culture , to improve corporate reputation and protective clothing to promote their products have a positive effect. Therefore, if the tag compared to designer fashion , it is more appropriate for it. However , unfortunately , there are still a considerable number of garment enterprises , lack of knowledge on this point yet , and even some very well-known in the domestic fashion brands , the creation has not yet registered trademark , which gives speculators to multiplicative of the machine. Once these products are fake , would not be protected by law.
                        Clothing label design is a highlight of direct appeals to the eyes , as long as the items packaged together beautifully , and that will be a good income trillion.

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